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Samsung Soundbar Q-Series 9.1.2 Channel Wireless Dolby Atmos and Rear Speakers -

Samsung Soundbar Q-Series 9.1.2 Channel Wireless Dolby Atmos and Rear Speakers -

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Samsung Soundbar Q-Series 9.1.2 Channel Wireless Dolby Atmos and Rear Speakers - HW-Q910D/ZA


  • 9.1.2 channel sound is legit. With layers of dimension and crystal clear surround sound, you can lose yourself in this authentic Dolby Atmos experience.
  • Amp up your audio with the greatest duo of all time Samsung TVs paired with Samsung soundbars. With Q Symphony, the Q Series soundbars pair with your TV speakers to operate as one. Together, they can optimize all the channels to bring you a masterfully orchestrated sound experience.*
  • Feel surrounded. Cue up Dolby Atmos sound and skip the cumbersome HDMI cables. Feel free to arrange your space exactly how you want without compromising the audio experience. Its transportive sound designed around the way you watch.*
  • Sound amplifies everything. This soundbar reacts accordingly. Get room filling sound calibrated to your space, with a soundbar that analyzes the environment and automatically optimizes the audio delivering a true, deep, clear experience.
  • Youve got the killer soundbar, but nothing beats good backup. Complete the all around you audio experience with the included rear speaker kit.
  • Your voice can do amazing things. Activate hands free navigation of your soundbar and TV using built in built in voice assistants. Once connected, the hands free help feature allows you to operate your TV and control smart devices with only the sound of your voice. You can play your favorite songs, or tune in to your favorite shows and sporting events all with a simple voice command. *
  • Sick of missing lines? Hear voices better, even at low volume, with intelligently optimized audio. Scenes are analyzed in real time to pull out the most important audio based on the type of content.
  • The game is calling. Powerful up firing speakers, acoustic beam and strong woofers unlock a more intuitive gaming experience, complete with 3D optimized sound. And we know you dont have time to waste on settings so the soundbar automatically activates the Game Mode in sync with your TV.*
  • Get in sync. Simply pair the soundbar with a compatible iPhone or other Apple device to hear your music, podcasts and more. Easy as pie.*
  • Ensure dialogue and commentary are not drowned out so you never miss an important moment. Active Voice Analyzer breaks down room noise so that onscreen voices are always optimized, making movies, shows and sports more enjoyable.


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