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STARTECH SFP1000TXST 1000BASE-TX SFP Transceiver Module - 1 Gbps - 100 m - SFP1000TXST 1000BASE-TX SFP Transceiver Module - 1 Gbps - 100 m -

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Sale Sold out SFP1000TXST 1000BASE-TX SFP Transceiver Module - 1 Gbps - 100 m - MSA Compliant Copper SFP

Add reliable and cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet connections over copper, with this SFP module. This 1000Base-TX SFP module delivers what you need most in your network connections: reliable performance. It's built to exacting MSA specifications and fully tested to ensure seamless compatibility. The RJ45 copper SFP transceiver module offers a cost-effective way to add, replace or upgrade the ports on your networking equipment, and it's backed by a lifetime warranty. Delivers Gigabit Ethernet connections With data transfer rates of up to 1Gbps, this SFP module can be installed into networking equipment with an MSA compliant port and RJ45 copper interface. It delivers dependable Gigabit connectivity over copper cable for 1000Base-TX compliant networks, with a maximum distance of up to 100 m (328 ft.). . Delivers reliable RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet connections for 1000Base-TX compliant networks. Meets or exceeds MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) industry standards. Backed by lifetime warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • MSA UNCODED SFP TRANSCEIVER: Designed, programmed and tested to work with compatible MSA compliant switches and routers to deliver dependable 1GbE connectivity
  • TECHNICAL SPECS: 1000BASE-TX | 1Gbps | Copper | RJ-45 Connector | | Distances up to 100m (328ft)
  • TESTED FOR COMPATIBILITY: Hot-swappable in MSA compliant routers and switches
  • WORKS WITH MSA COMPLIANT SWITCHES: Also works with switch models from Ubiquiti, D-Link, Netgear, Supermicro, TP-Link and more that accept uncoded modules.


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