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Sony XR65A95K BRAVIA XR A95K 65" 4K HDR Smart QD-OLED TV

Sony XR65A95K BRAVIA XR A95K 65" 4K HDR Smart QD-OLED TV

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About the Sony MASTER Series BRAVIA XR-65A95K


Quantum dots deliver rich color

Sony's flagship MASTER Series OLED is consistently one of the most highly rated TVs available. And yet somehow they improve it every year. For 2022, they've enhanced their already-great OLED panel with a Quantum Dot layer for improved color volume. Powered by Sony's XR Triluminos Max technology, the BRAVIA XR-65A95K delivers incredibly vibrant color and realistic texture at any brightness level, along with the infinite contrast that made OLED TVs famous.


Smart processing improves picture quality

The XR-65A95K's Cognitive Processor XR takes conventional Artificial Intelligence a step further by emulating the way our brains think and respond when we see and hear things. It cross-analyzes individual picture elements and quickly identifies the human focal point, so that it can immediately enhance each detail of that area. Instead of applying generic changes to the entire frame, it recognizes how individual parts of the whole interact with each other and makes precise adjustments to create a more natural picture.

Better sound, too

The ‘A95K's XR processor also contributes to richer, more involving sound. Its 3D Surround Upscaling technology can create a heightened Atmos-like sound field no matter what the source.

Acoustic Surface Audio+™ technology tracks sound effects and dialogue and matches them with the on-screen action, creating an even more immersive experience. Instead of the tiny — often down-firing — speakers that most TVs have, the ‘A95K uses actuators on the back to send vibrations through the screen to produce sound from its entire surface.

And if you still want more, the TV can even function as your center channel in a traditional home theater setup with a separate receiver.

Upsize your video chats

I've had regular video chats with my family since the pandemic started, but it isn't easy to see everyone on my small laptop screen. And it's hard to fit more than one or two people comfortably in view of the camera. The XR-65A95K's included BRAVIA CAM aims to improve that experience. And the 65" screen offers plenty of viewing real estate for the whole family. 

A future firmware update will add some additional BRAVIA CAM features like gesture control and personalized sound and picture settings based on your room and sitting position.

Google TV simplifies streaming

The XR-65A95K includes the Google TV smart app platform which consolidates a wide range of streaming services into a single user interface. Watch an episode of Ted Lasso on Apple TV followed by Station Eleven on HBO Max all from one watchlist, without having to dig around in individual apps.  


And if you're feeling really lazy, you can simply ask the Google Assistant to pull up a show or movie. You can also adjust the volume, change channels or inputs, and control other basic TV functions using your voice.

A perfect partner for your new gaming console

The XR-65A95K is a great match for your next-gen gaming console. It supports enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) and 4K at 120Hz right out of the box. It also has Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for faster, more responsive gaming. A future firmware update will offer Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for smooth graphics without frame tearing or stuttering. And if you've got a PS5, you'll benefit from Auto HDR Tone Mapping for more accurate detail and color.


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