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Samsung QN85Q60C Q60C 85" 4K Smart QLED UHD TV with HDR (2023)

Samsung QN85Q60C Q60C 85" 4K Smart QLED UHD TV with HDR (2023)

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Product Description

About the Samsung QN85Q60C

Quantum colors at a great price

Samsung's Q60C Series keeps the barrier of entry nice and low for the company's impressive quantum dot screen technology. This value-packed 4K QLED TV uses nanocrystals to produce over a billion shades of rich color for a vibrant image. Its Dual LED backlight system features both cool and warm LEDs to match what you're watching. This gives you better color accuracy and reduced light leakage for a bold, sharp picture.

Powerful processing for better image quality

Your 4K/HDR sources get an extra boost from Samsung's Quantum HDR processing. It improves the TV's brightness and color, bringing out additional detail and contrast. And powerful 4K upscaling makes sure you get a crisp, detailed picture with everything you watch, including older standard-def and 1080p sources.

Spend less time searching

Samsung's built-in Tizen streaming platform lets you access a wide variety of services, from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to Disney+. These services are consolidated under a single on-screen guide to make searching for your favorite movies and TV shows easy.

Convenient voice control

You can control the TV and search streaming services with your voice using a mic built into the remote. Just press a button and start talking. With Samsung's Bixby voice assistant and Amazon Alexa built in, you can easily integrate the TV into an existing smart home system.

Gaming features

Samsung includes some helpful add-ons for gamers. Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) automatically detects gaming sources to keep your controls responsive and prevent distracting screen judder. The 43" and up models also come with Game Bar 3.0, a dedicated gaming menu that pops up on-screen and lets you make real-time adjustments until they're just right. You can double-check stats like input lag and tinker with your fps (frames per second), HDR, and wireless headset settings. For compatible PC games you can even adjust your aspect ratio and the eye-level of the screen.

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