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Samsung QN43QN90C QN90C 43" Smart Neo QLED 4K UHD TV with HDR (2023)

Samsung QN43QN90C QN90C 43" Smart Neo QLED 4K UHD TV with HDR (2023)

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Product Description

About the Samsung QN43QN90C

Premium picture quality

Until a few years ago, the very best LED TVs used an advanced type of backlight called full-array with local dimming (FALD). Then Samsung's Neo QLED TVs came along and knocked our socks off with the incredible picture quality offered by their dense array of Mini LEDs. This breakthrough technology is now in its third generation in 2023 models like the QN90C, and it gets better every year.

It's all in the details

Contrast is a key component in picture quality, and Mini LEDs are better at it than traditional LED backlights. That's because these LEDs are 40 times smaller than conventional LEDs, so they can pack a lot more of them in. This allows ultra-precise light control for a more accurate picture with less "blooming" around bright objects on dark backgrounds. Paired with the rich quantum dot color Samsung is known for, these TVs can display an incredibly punchy picture — even in the sunniest of rooms.

The QN90C also uses Samsung's Real Depth Enhancer. This algorithm identifies a scene's main subject and processes it to stand out from the background for a realistic sense of depth.

Streaming and more with Smart Hub

The QN90C uses the Tizen platform to consolidate a wide range of streaming services into a single user interface. Want to see justice get served in different ways? You can easily watch Poker Face on Peacock followed by Perry Mason on Max all from Samsung's full-screen Smart Hub.

Ready to play

The QN90C is a great match for your console or PC. All four HDMI inputs support 4K/120Hz for next-gen console gamers. And the 43" and 50" models go a step further with 4K/144Hz support for high-performance PC rigs. It also supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) via AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro for smooth, tear-free graphics and stunning HDR detail.

Game Mode is automatically activated thanks to ALLM support to reduce input lag for lightning-fast response time. You can also make real-time adjustments to your settings using the dedicated pop-up menu called Game Bar.

Control options

The QN90C includes Samsung's eco-friendly SolarCell Remote. It has a built-in solar cell that is sensitive enough to keep the battery charged using the basic indoor lights in your home. Like prior Samsung remotes, this version makes it easy to control all your connected devices. It also has a button to activate your choice of included voice assistants: Bixby or Alexa.

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