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RICOH Compact Laser Projector PJ WUL5860 (432480)

RICOH Compact Laser Projector PJ WUL5860 (432480)

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RICOH Compact Laser Projector PJ WUL5860 (432480)


  • Vibrant, high-quality laser image projection featuring 4,000 lumens and 1920x1200 native resolution with 4K compatibility
  • Multi-module laser light source with a lifespan of 20,000 hours
  • Compact and portable design with versatile 360-degree installation capabilities optimal for meeting rooms and smaller venues
  • Quick start-up and shutdown times allow for instantaneous projection of high-definition images
  • Built-in four corner correction, keystone adjustments, and vertical lens shift functionality allow for perfectly rectangular views and easy adjustment of the image position without having to move the projector


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