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Poly Voyager Focus B825 UC Headset + USB-A to Micro USB Cable + BT700 dongle

Poly Voyager Focus B825 UC Headset + USB-A to Micro USB Cable + BT700 dongle

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Poly Voyager Focus B825 UC Headset + USB-A to Micro USB Cable + BT700 dongle

Make it your business to hear and be heard with the Voyager Focus UC stereo Bluetooth® headset. Move fluidly between PC and smartphone and between work and entertainment with rich, immersive stereo sound and active noise canceling designed to keep your focus on work, not on the chaos around you.< / p>Work the way you wantC< / p>With seamless connectivity to your PC or smartphone and up to 98 feet of wireless range, enjoy mobility without sacrificing audio quality. And with advanced noise cancellation, sophisticated mute controls, and immersive stereo sound, the focus is always on great audio, not background noise. It's freedom, with no loss of fidelity.< / p>Connect to calls. Disconnect from distractionsC< / p>Amp up your performance and keep distractions to a minimum with three precision-tuned mics and a clever mute system. Your callers will hear only you, and with on-demand active noise cancelling (ANC) you can focus on the person you're calling. High-quality, dual-ear design provides hi-fi stereo sound and a more immersive experience to enable focus in open work environments.< / p>Lightweight, comfortable designC< / p>Enjoy super soft and cooling, leatherette ear cushions, wrapped around pillow-plush memory foam. The cushioned metal headband provides durability while maintaining a comfortable and secure fit. Easily take the headset on the go with folding leatherette ear cushions and included carrying case.< / p>Connect with easeC< / p>Premium wireless stereo headset works seamlessly across multiple applications on desktops, Bluetooth®-enabled desk phones, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.< / p>Smart sensor technologyC< / p>Smart sensors know when the headset is on or off; calls can be easily answered by simply putting on the headset; pause music for incoming calls, or mute a call by taking the headset off.< / p>Focus on work-not the chaos around youC< / p>Shut the world out with on-de...



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