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Plugable USB C Triple 4K Display Docking Station with 60W PD, 3x HDMI or 3x

Plugable USB C Triple 4K Display Docking Station with 60W PD, 3x HDMI or 3x

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Plugable USB C Triple 4K Display Docking Station with 60W PD, 3x HDMI or 3x DisplayPort, Compatible with Mac, Windows, Thunderbolt 3 & 4, USB4, USB-C (6x USB Ports, Ethernet)

More than just screen count, it is about usability. This triple monitor docking station helps provide the space to get work done. Use the external displays for reference material, have multiple documents open side-by-side, or monitor your email while working on other tasks. Optimized for portable computers, this laptop docking stations uses a single connection to the computer for displays, USB devices, and powering the computer with a Thunderbolt dock. Enabled by the new USB Type-C port, this Thunderbolt 4 Dock replaces at least three connections to the host computer with a single cable, making it easy to start working in the morning, and take the computer with you in the evening. HDMI or DisplayPort, Both? Three HDMI monitors, three DisplayPort Monitors, or a combination of both. This three 4K HDMI Ports, and three 4K DisplayPort docking station enables you to mix and match up to three monitors no adapters necessary. Of course, the UD-6950PDZ lets you connect more than screens. With an Ethernet port, an audio jack, and 6x USB-A ports, this USB-C Docking Station has room to pair all of your peripherals with a single connection back to your computer. Will it charge my laptop? This triple display docking station provides 60W charging to laptops that support Power Delivery. Youll want to take a look at your laptops specifications to determine if the USB-C port supports Power Delivery.


  • Fully Connected - 12-port USB C Docking Station supports 3x 4K monitors-HDMI and DisplayPort, an ethernet port so you can say goodbye to wifi lag, 6x USB 3.0 ports provide room for your preferred peripherals, and an audio jack keeps things sounding fresh
  • Triple 4K - Ditch the adapters, with 3x HDMI ports and 3x DisplayPort ports, this laptop docking station adapts to you-connect three screens up to 4K 60Hz with USB4 / Thunderbolt 4 hosts via Alt Mode
  • Compatibility - Connected to a Thunderbolt 3 / 4, USB4, or full-featured USB-C port and Windows 10, Windows 11, ChromeOS 100+, or macOS 11+, this triple display docking station lets you connect up to 3 monitors, even if your laptop only supports 1
  • 60W Charging - Leave your power cord in the bag. If your laptop supports USB-C PowerDelivery, 60W charging provided by this USB C dock will supply the power your laptop needs to keep you working for the whole day-96W laptops may need additional power
  • 2 Year Warranty - We love our Plugable products, and hope you will too. All of our products are backed with a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as Seattle-based email support


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