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Plugable 14-in-1 USB C Docking Station with 4x HDMI, Quad Dock with 100W

Plugable 14-in-1 USB C Docking Station with 4x HDMI, Quad Dock with 100W

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Plugable 14-in-1 USB C Docking Station with 4x HDMI, Quad Dock with 100W Charging, 4x HDMI Displays, Compatible with Windows, Thunderbolt, USB-C (4x USB, 1x USB-C, Ethernet, SD Card, Audio)

See the Whole Picture A universal docking station for laptops that extends your productivity across four screens. The unique display configuration on Plugable's UD-3900C4 utilizes DisplayLink technology to deliver a crisp picture on displays one and two. On displays three and four, tap into the power of Multi-Stream Transport (MST) Alt Mode. All four screens look great with resolutions up to 1080p @ 60Hz. Also works as a triple display docking station (sometimes referred to as a triple monitor docking station). Powerful Ports The UD-3900C4 is a multi monitor docking station. Featuring a USB-C port with 20W charging for your newer peripherals, and 4x USB 3.0 ports for your legacy devices-all capable of data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps-so you'll always have room to plug in and power up. It also has room for extra storage or a convenient way to download pictures through the onboard SD card reader. And with 96W charging for your laptop, an Ethernet port, a 3.5mm audio-out jack, and a 3.5mm audio-in jack, the UD-3900C4 has everything you need to get work done. Compatibility Get the full experience with Windows 10 or later. Requires compatible USB4, Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, USB-C system. As a MacBook docking station (macOS 10+) DisplayPort MST is not supported so the fourth display can only be mirrored. Requires DisplayLink Drivers-automatically downloaded with Windows update.


  • More Ports, More Power - A USB C docking station with power delivery including 14 ports, 4x HDMI, 96W charging, and with 4x USB 3.0 and 1x USB-C, you'll have space for all of your peripherals. This quad dock has the power to keep you productive
  • 96W Charging - Charge your laptop with up to 100W charging (96W certified) directly through this MST / DisplayLink docking station, so you can leave your laptop charger in your travel bag
  • Compatibility - Get a Quadruple Monitor setup on Windows 10 or later and ChromeOS 100 or later with 4x 1080p displays @ 60Hz. Requires compatible USB4, Thunderbolt 4 / 3, or USB-C. Not recommended for macOS
  • Port Potential - Make room for all of your connected gadgets. This Plugable docking station has 1x USB-C port for 5Gbps data and 20W charging, 4x USB 3.0 5Gbps ports, Gigabit Ethernet, an SD Card Reader, and audio in/out ports
  • 2 Year Warranty - We love our Plugable products and hope you will too. All of our products are backed with a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as Seattle-based email support


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