Klipsch RSB-14 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

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Klipsch RSB-14 top-of-the-line sound bar and wireless subwoofer system
  • RSB-14 sound bar and wireless subwoofer pair with any Klipsch Stream product throughout your home to give you incredible, wireless sound in every room.
  • 4K Ultra-HD Video pass-through
  • Featuring Klipsch Tractrix® horns for detailed, impactful sound
  • 8-inch wireless subwoofer
  • True 2-way bi-amplified sound
  • Optical and analog audio inputs


The subwoofer doesn't work
Make sure NIGHT mode is off. The sub does not play in NIGHT mode.
Disconnect and reconnect power to subwoofer and confirm subwoofer is getting power by checking for blue LED on SUBWOOFER.
LED should blink then turn solid when linked to the soundbar. If no LED, check power outlet to ensure it is functional.
If LED on subwoofer blinks but never goes solid, perform the sub pairing process as described in the Owner's Manual

The ARC is not working
Follow procedure in Manual to turn on CEC/ARC on soundbar. CEC/ARC must also be enabled on TV (follow instructions provided by TV manufacturer for your TV; some brands of TVs may refer to CEC/ARC by other names/acronyms

Klipsch Stream has constant cutting out and loss of connection
Check WiFi signal strength using Klipsch Stream app. Recommend '2 bars' minimal signal strength for reliable connection. Reposition WiFi router if needed to obtain stronger WiFi signal. Check the list of Play-Fi recommended routers

There is a constant whir/buzz noise while the speaker is on
If connected via analog cable or HDMI, length of cable and potential for ground loop in home's wiring/cable TV can affect system noise. Disconnect all input cables and try alternate sources one at a time. Use shorter analog or HDMI cables. Using optical input cable will eliminate noise generated from ground loop in circuit coming from the cable box or TV.

For other issues-contact the manufacturer