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be quiet!

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5 | TDP 270W CPU Cooler | Air Cooler | Intel 1700 1200

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5 | TDP 270W CPU Cooler | Air Cooler | Intel 1700 1200

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be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5 | TDP 270W CPU Cooler | Air Cooler | Intel 1700 1200 1150 1151 1155 | AM5 AM4 | BK036

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5 air cooler, immensely high airflow, 7 high-performance copper heat pipes, Silent Wings 120mm PWM fan, Silent Wings 135mm PWM fan, virtually inaudible operation, Speed Switch, special black coating with ceramic particles, liquid metal thermal grease, BK036


  • Dark Rock Pro 5 features 7 high-performance copper heat pipes and a special black coating with ceramic particles. This high-end CPU cooler achieves low temperatures even during periods of peak CPU performance in heavily overclocked systems.
  • The 2 Silent Wings PWM fans feature advanced fluid-dynamic bearings, smooth 6-pole motors and airflow-optimized fan blades. The front fan provides extremely high air pressure, thanks to a funnel-shaped air inlet in the frame. The decoupled fan mounting with vibration-isolating elements on the heat sink reduces noise-generating turbulence.
  • A Speed Switch allows you to choose between Quiet and Performance Modes, which control the maximum fan speed. Quiet Mode provides a maximum fan speed of up to 1500r/min and is perfect for normal applications. Performance Mode allows the Silent Wings fans to spin at up to 2000r/min and lets Dark Rock Pro 5 unfold his full power potential.
  • Thanks to a clever design, installation simple and elegant. The detachable mesh top cover with integrated middle fan is inserted from above. A black mounting kit with a pre-installed mounting bridge and fixing screws matches the black design of the cooler perfectly.
  • Dark Rock coolers have been renowned for their distinctive design for many years. Dark Rock Pro 5 continues this iconic design and can be recognized as a Dark Rock immediately. Dark Rock Pro 5 adds its own accents to the rich history of be quiet! high-end coolers.
  • Thanks to a nickel-plated base, Dark Rock Pro 5 is compatible with liquid metal thermal grease such as DC2 Pro. The properties of liquid metal compound combined with Dark Rock Pro 5 allow high-end CPUs to perform at even higher levels.
  • German Design I German Engineering I German Quality I German Performance


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