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Alogic Power Adapter WCG2X68SGRUS

Alogic Power Adapter WCG2X68SGRUS

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Alogic Power Adapter WCG2X68SGRUS

The latest GaN technology. The ALOGIC Rapid Power USB-C Charger incorporates GaN "Gallium Nitride", a next-generation semiconductor that replaces silicon & enables very high energy & power in a very small compact & portable size. The 68W GaN charger lets you charge any 2 USB-C equipped devices such as laptop, tablets and phones etc. simultaneously at the highest possible speed. Charge multiple devices at the same time. Ditch the collection of chargers you use for your different devices and charge them all using a single, convenient charger. Charge any USB device - USB-C Power Delivery. Traditional chargers are specifically suited to the device they came with. This charger is different. Using the latest USB-C Power Delivery technology it can charge most late model laptops, tablets and phones. Using USB Power Delivery technology the charger automatically selects the most appropriate power output to suit each device and charge them safely. This charger can provide enough power to high powered devices but can



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